Through the Booth Window

Episode 6 - Religion in Horror Films

Thursday Dec 24, 2020

For our Christmas Special we explore religious themes in horror films, joined again by guest Cameron Shuman. Why is religion in film scary? How are different beliefs infused into spooky movies? Is it okay to exploit religion in fun-loving, bloodtastic cinema? Featuring in-depth discussion on The Witch, White Zombie, The Prophecy, and The Wailing, with reference to Onibaba, Angel Heart, The Exorcist, Race with the Devil, The Golem, Midsommar, and more! SPOILED IN THIS EPISODE: The Witch, Onibaba, and Under the Shadow. Follow us on social media @theobveeus, @caitlinstow, and @flmmblsqds

Episode 5 - Misrepresentation Through the Decades

Thursday Dec 10, 2020

In a departure from our usual format, we travel through time and discuss representation on screen through the decades, from 1920 to present. Touching on titles like Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Song of the South, Peter Pan, Star Wars, Forrest Gump, Avatar, and Black Panther, we examine where cinema has gone wrong, what it's working on right now, and what blind spots it might be facing in the future. SPOILED IN THIS EPISODE: Grease and Apocalypto. Thanks to Tom for suggesting this topic! To suggest a topic or ask questions, email us at Follow us on social media: @theobveeus and @caitlinstow

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