Through the Booth Window

Episode 10 - Age Gap Romance

Thursday Feb 18, 2021

For our Valentines special we take a more casual approach, focusing primarily on Hollywood's trend of casting men who are significantly older than their female love interests, but also chatting about our favorite romantic movies, who would be our film industry valentine, and what made us fall in love with cinema. With in-depth disussion on Last Tango in Paris and As Good As It Gets, and reference to The Tenant, What Men Want, and Leon the Professional. SPOILED IN THIS EPISODE: As Good As It Gets, When Harry Met Sally, and Last Tango in Paris. Email us at and/or follow us on social media @theobveeus and @caitlinstow

Episode 9 - Separating the Art from the Artist

Thursday Feb 04, 2021

Ah yes, the most joyous of conversations, separating the art from the artist! Will we ever stop talking about this as a society? Unfortunately, probably not. #dontbeanasshole Joined by special guests Cameron Shuman and Kellen Holte.  Follow us on social media @caitlinstow, @theobveeus, @mountainsofpixels, and @flmmblsqds 

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