Through the Booth Window

Episode 17 - Best and Worst

Thursday May 27, 2021

ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE??? We certainly were! This week we battle it out over our most contested titles: Moulin Rouge! and The Hunger Games, which Caitlin loves and Joey hates, and Blood for Dracula and Road House, which Joey champions and Caitlin criticizes. We've gotten so many comments about how polite we are to each other, we figured it was time to show just how much we disagree. Thanks for listening! Spoiled in this episode: Moulin Rouge!, Blood for Dracula, Road House. Email us at, and/or follow us on social media @theobveeus and @caitlinstow

Episode 16 - Queer Films from the 70's

Thursday May 13, 2021

We’re tackling another decade of queer films, this time diving into the 1970s! From Rocky Horror Picture Show to John Waters, it was a wild ride of an era, focusing on exploration, experimentation, and free love. Joined by guest Cameron Shuman, we chat about Nighthawks, Cabaret, Dog Day Afternoon, Vampyres, The Boys in the Band and many more. Spoiled in this episode: Beyond The Valley of the Dolls and The Tenant Email us at and/or follow us on social media @flmmbl_sqds, @theobveeus, and @caitlinstow  

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